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Re: howto or documentation for SYNCREPL

--On Thursday, July 15, 2004 4:39 AM +0100 Marendra Nutriaji <marendra@yahoo.com> wrote:

Yes you are so right, Quanah
i did reading slapd.conf man page and admin guide
about syncrepl, it is good. and i wet straight to the
test, and works. There are some functions or
parameters those are still  blank to me. Like, for

i have 2 master, say a.com
server one have ou=b under a.com and server 2 has
ou=c. hoew can i make server 1 and 2 have ou b &c?

what poped up in my mind is in server1 slapd i give
parameter syncrepl and rid to server 2, and vice versa
then each filter in each server i put the ou that i
want to be replicated (server 1's filter :
ou=c,dc=a,dc=com, and server 2 filter:
is it correct?

Why not just have one master server with everything under it? It makes life a lot simpler.


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