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Re: solution to problems building under cygwin?

Alan Jaynes wrote:

i am having the identical problem that is listed in http://www.openldap.org/lists/openldap-software/200208/msg00391.html.
is there an actual solution or a workaround to this problem?

Which "actual solution" are you asking about? If you're asking if there is an approved/supported way to build OpenLDAP using Cygwin, the answer is no. Nor is there any interest in providing it.

As I noted in that previous email, Cygwin tries to duplicate a Unix environment. When you setup OpenLDAP to build "properly" using Cygwin, none of the Windows-specific code in OpenLDAP gets used; everything gets done the plain old Unix way and the Cygwin library adapts it where necessary.

The problem is, there are a number of serious bugs in Winsock itself that are triggered when you do things the plain old Unix way. That is why there is Winsock-specific code in the OpenLDAP source, so that we can explicitly work around those bugs. If you're using Cygwin with OpenLDAP, you'll run into those bugs, leading to race conditions and resource leaks inside Winsock because Cygwin itself has to use Winsock to get its job done.

The Cygwin support in OpenLDAP isn't missing because we didn't finish it. It's missing because we got there, saw that it performed miserably, and decided that it's not worth doing again.
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