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deferring operation

I see a lot of discussion of this in the message archives but no one mentions that their slapd processes die after this error.  Several times today our slapd has literally died with the message "deferred operation" being the last thing in the logs.  This message actually occurs quite a few times in these logs.  They don't occur in any of our logs from previous days.  Finally slapd seems stable now and I see no occurences of this message since the last restart.

Has anyone else experienced this?

slapd 2.1.25, BDB 4.2.52, RedHat Enterprise 3 ES, Dual P4 Xeon (HT enabled), 2GB RAM.
This system backs a Postfix 2.0.16/Courier-IMAP 2.2.1 installation.

We've actually run this combo in our old production environment quite happily for a long time on a Single P4 Xeon (HT enabled) with RedHat 9 and no mail services on that box.

James "Jamey" Courtney