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Re: phpldapadmin Config

--On Tuesday, July 13, 2004 1:07 PM -0400 Josiah Ritchie <jritchie@bible.edu> wrote:

Did you reindex your database after putting in the eq statement?  If
not,  it will only apply to new entries that get added after the change.

I ran slapindex and tried again. This does not appear to have changed anything.

Also, have you tested doing an anonymous bind to your server via
ldapsearch  to see what results you get? (Hint: ldapsearch -x)

Ah, this also doesn't work. I tried: ldapsearch -x uid=JosiahRitchie ldapsearch -x ou=People ldapsearch -x cn=JosiahRitchie

Your ACL's may not be correct then. You probably also want to more qualify the ldapsearch:

ldapsearch -x -b"dc=cougarnet,dc=bible,dc=edu" "uid=josiahritchie"


ldapsearch -x -b "dc=bible,dc=edu" "uid=josiahritchie"


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