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RE: TLS not supported

Hi all rebuilt with: ./configure --prefix=/usr/local --enable-bdb
--enable-monitor --with-kerberos --with-tls --enable-dynamic
--enable-phonetic --enable-slapd --enable-spasswd --enable-rlookups
--enable-wrappers --with-dyngroup=yes --with-proxycache=yes

However this message is a little confusing first it says: "test disabled,
requires --with-tls " then it says ">>>>> ./scripts/test021-certificate
completed OK."

Am I missing something?

>>>>> Starting test021-certificate ...
running defines.sh
test disabled, requires --with-tls
>>>>> ./scripts/test021-certificate completed OK.
>>>>> waiting 10 seconds for things to exit

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you built slapd with --with-tls ?

for example debian packets are built with '--withouth-tls' , I've built my
own .deb's..

> Hi after going through the TLS configs in the admin guide I'm still
> getting
> the following. Please advise, should I be using a different startup
> command?