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Re: what's the differnce?

Pierangelo Masarati wrote:

"ldapsearch -p 636 -h hostname" has nothing to do with ldap over ssl. This
does plain ldap over port 636, as per the separate meaning of the above
options. To do ldap over ssl you need "-H ldaps://hostname", which
carries a bit more info than "-p 636 -h hostname": the protocol.

that's it! ;-)

using the option -H is working perfectly! now I got LABE working as well.
in ../labe/class/labe_main.class.php I changed the line

ldap_connect($host, $port); // $host = "", $port = "636"
ldap_connect($host);   // $host = "ldaps://krachstoff.dyndns.org"

now it's working perfectly!

thanks a bunch everybody!

regards /christian