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Re: Mysterious back-ldap and back-meta behavior

Jefferson Ogata wrote:
> But the proxy never sends a reply back to the originating client, which
> ends up hanging waiting for a response message. I can see this quite
> plainly in ethereal: reply message from master to proxy, then silence. I
> see this both using ldapmodify and Net::LDAP. The symptom in ldapmodify is
> that it says
> modifying entry "uid=baz,ou=People,o=universe"
> and then sits there without accepting any more requests. I have to hit ^C
> to kill it.

Four other tidbits of info:

1. Platform: Red Hat Linux 7.3.

2. The problem only occurs with referrals. If I point the uri directly at
the master instead of the replica, it works correctly. No hang. So it
appears to have to do with referral processing.

3. The problem occurs with both back-ldap and back-meta.

4. I have "lastmod off" in the proxy config. Forgot to mention that. But
it doesn't make any difference.

Jefferson Ogata : Internetworker, Antibozo