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Re: what's the differnce?

--On Monday, July 12, 2004 10:24 PM +0200 Christian Schäfer <caefer@krachstoff.net> wrote:

hi all,

I am new here, so: hello! :-)

I wanted to install LABE on my gentoo box, and LABE needs the options -h
and -p when doing ldapsearch. but on my installation I get problems..

# ldapsearch -D "cn=root,dc=krachstoff.dyndns,dc=org" -W
works pretty well.

# ldapsearch -D -h localhost -p 636 "cn=root,dc=krachstoff.dyndns,dc=org"
# -W
does not.

my ldap installation also serves for pam authentication, so localhost acces should work. pam makes no problems..

but what is the difference of the above mentioned commands and where will I have to look for, when I want the second to be functional?

One immediate problem I see is that you've put things between the -D flag and the bind DN you are using, which is a violation of the command arguments.

man ldapsearch

Your search would look more correct if it was:

ldapsearch -h localhost -p 636 -D "cn=root,dc=krachstoff.dyndns,dc=org" -W


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