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Re: Re[2]: Getting started

Didn't mean to be so aggressive, sorry.

In any case, if you look for a document that tells you how
to install/configure all the stuff that gets used by slapd,
then you'll likely not find it anywhere.  In fact, that stuff
is more likely to be available along with that software
itself, and making it available with OpenLDAP software
would be a bad idea indeed, because it would always be
incomplete, outdated and, all in all, a duplication of
something else.  OpenLDAP's docs list what is required;
then it's up to users have it set up and working properly.

Note that ./configure automatically tries to detect if available
versions are appropriate, and refuses to configure if they're

This should be all you need to collect an prepare
prerequisite software:


This should provide user's perspective hints:


note that the FAQ is interactive; if you like, feel free
to contribute your personal experience.  Note that, since
there is limited control of developers and maintainers
on the contents of the FAQ, material can be outdated or,
in some points, contradictory.  The sequence of reliability
and uo-to-date of the documentation is: man pages, admin guide,
FAQ; however, the FAQ should be more oriented towards common
users' issues.


> Hei =(;-) to you too,
> well I looked there of course, but find documentation that doesn't really
> help me getting started setting things up.  Apparently I needs all kinds
> of
> different things installed before installing OpenLDAP.
> So I figured I would just ask, like I did when LDAP wasn't an slapd,
> *grin*,
> thing yet.
> but hei, *S*, thanks for all your help and your positive attitude,
> Ron
>>Hei, this is great.  It takes much more time to subscribe to the mailing
>>list and to think, write and post a message than to just get to the home
>>page of http://www.openldap.org/ and look right in the middle:
>>    *
>>          o OpenLDAP Admin Guide
>>          + Quick Start Guide
>>          o Manual Pages
>>    o Roadmap
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