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Re: About the db setting in slapd.conf

--On Saturday, July 10, 2004 11:19 PM +0800 Wang Penghui <wangpenghui@realss.com> wrote:
If two of my openldap-bdb use the same directory, what would happen?

I have made that stupid operation, I found that all the entries in my two
bdb have been disappeared.
Is it because this reason or any other better explaination?

Well, let's see...

You've basically told BDB:

"Hello, you have a safe place to store all your data files for suffix X in directory Y."

You've then told 2 (or more) *different* instances of BDB databases they can use the same directory Y.

Since each instance creates environment files with the same names, you've created a MAD (mutually assured destruction) situation, as they'll overwrite what the other is doing.

You *must* specify different directories for each database instance to store their files in.

The same thing would happen with any database type system where you told different instances of databases they could use the exact same resources for storing their data.


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