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Re: nis.schema

At 08:45 AM 7/10/2004, Jorge Ruão wrote:
>This document doesn't have the description of the attributes. It as indeed a description of what type of attibute it is, but what I want to know is what is it made for.
>For example, what is the purpose of shadowFlag, it says it stores an integer, but what is it used for?

OpenLDAP Software doesn't know or care.  It just stores/provides
the integer on as requested by the user application (client)
(which I suspect do care). 

The document specifies schema for use in a "Network Information
Service."   I suspect, if the document itself doesn't detail
explicitly how a given attribute type is used in this
application (of the directory), that it's implicit in the
system(s) the document refers to.

Anyways, as this specification is not specific to OpenLDAP
Software, I suggest you direct further questions regarding
use of this schema to a more appropriate list, for instance
the General LDAP <ldap@umich.edu>.