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Re: Fatal error: Cannot map library libdb-4.2.so

Donn Cave wrote:

On Wednesday, July 7, 2004, at 09:56 AM, Howard Chu wrote:
Actually, there's something deeper wrong here; libdb-4.2.so should not have any dependencies on any pthread_* functions. This BDB library has not been built correctly.

I should have said "should not have any *unresolved* dependencies"... A properly built shared library should already be linked against the other libraries upon which it depends. If libdb.so uses a pthreads function then it should have pulled in libpthread.so itself. The fact remains that this BDB shared library was not built correctly.

Hm, my libdb.a has references to pthread_*.  I didn't think that was
surprising, since there's a lot of code in there trying to deal with
thread safety.  (But I've wondered how much potential there is for
trouble, with OpenLDAP and who knows which of its dependency libraries
all auto-configuring their own thread locking.  DB's autoconfig sets
on Redhat 7.3, etc.)

See the BDB docs... http://www.sleepycat.com/docs/ref/program/mt.html Aside from the mutex primitives, the BDB library uses no threads APIs.
At any rate, this topic has left the realm of OpenLDAP Software. Perhaps it should continue on news:comp.databases.berkeley-db.
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