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Re: ldap+ssl+Active directory

At 11:59 PM 7/5/2004, Ainhoa Prat wrote:
>I'm using Yast to configure ldap, in the ldap client, I pick the option: 
>'ldap tls/ssl'. then /etc/ldap.conf has the next line:
># OpenLDAP SSL mechanism
># start_tls mechanism uses the normal LDAP port, LDAPS typically 636
>ssl     start_tls
>nss_base_passwd dc=monesa,dc=es
>nss_base_shadow dc=monesa,dc=es
>nss_base_group  dc=monesa,dc=es
>I think the configuration is OK,

OpenLDAP Software ignores these directives.  They appear
to be for nss_ldap, not OpenLDAP Software.  The comment
is misleading.