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Re: ldap+ssl+Active directory

At 01:09 AM 7/5/2004, Ainhoa Prat wrote:
>I'm having problems using ldap with ssl against windows 2000 AD. I have Suse 9 as ldap client and w2k as ldap server. I set use ssl in ldap.conf,

Not sure what you mean by "set use ssl in ldap.conf"... but if you
mean you set 'use ssl' in ldap.conf, I note that OpenLDAP ldap.conf(5)
has no 'use ssl' directive.  You might be confusing directives for
some other ldap.conf file with OpenLDAP's ldap.conf(5).

>but when I try todo Ldapsearch -Hldaps://ldapserver -x the next error appeared:

Note that should be a space between -H and the URI.

>ldap_bind: can't contact ldapserver(81)
>What is the problem?.

 From the information you provide (which is very little), I
suspect you have not properly configured OpenLDAP's ldap.conf(5)
using appropriate directives to allow use of TLS (via ldaps://
or Start TLS).  I suggest you read manual page and the Admin Guide
chapter on TLS, and applicable answers in the FAQ and list