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RE: LDIF mapper

Excellent suggestion! I was looking at a full blown java implementation, my
reason being I will need continual update notification. Basically if there
is a new user added to the DB (only oracle for now AD and SQL later) I need
the system to be notified and updated real time. I was thinking along the
lines of asynch MOM updates using listeners and JMS would be good for this.
I will check out perl-Net-LDAP anyway as then the mapping portion of the
tool may not be necessary.

Thanks again 

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Edward de Jongh said:
> Hi all I have an Oracle DB table containing two fields, namely username
> and
> privilege for various users. I would like to create a tool that can read
> from this table, convert all the necessary info to an LDAP compliant LDIF
> format and add it to my SLAPD instance. Are there tools out there that do
> this type of thing?

Why not a perl script to get the info from the db, and use perl-Net-LDAP
to convert, ldapadd for the rest.

Should be pretty easy.

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