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Re: Building an LDAP database "for dummies"

Jonathan Coles wrote:

Howard Chu wrote:

So - "What is this tree?" - the tree is the structure you design to contain the data you're going to store. Schema is just a description of what kinds of data will be recognized by the server, but it doesn't say anything about the location of the data. The tree structure gives you the location.

But WHERE is this structure I design? Is it the statements in my LDIF file?


Is it in slapd.conf? That file includes a suffix statement

thats where your tree starts.

and some include statements for schema files. Is the schema the definition of the hierarchy?


I understand the concept of hierarchy. Do I have to define everything up to the entire universe? There is an "objectClass: top" statement that should allow me to stop at some lower level.

Forget about that schema stuff, it has nothing to do with your tree, its for entries/leaves.

My hierarchy is:

This database


         Users with attributes such as email address, phone number, etc.

My suffix statement (organization is the top of my hierarchy):
suffix o=MyOrg

My LDIF (just one user entry):

dn: o=MyOrg
objectclass: top
objectclass: person
objectclass: organization
o: MyOrg

dn: cn=A User,o=MyOrg
objectclass: top
objectclass: person
objectclass: organization
givenName: A
sn: User
cn: A User
mail: auser@hotmail.com
o: MyOrg

I run:

ldapadd -v -f /home/jont/ldap/myaddr.ldif -h thispc -p 389 -x

maybe: ldapadd -x -b 'o=MyOrg' -p 389 -h thispc -f /home/jont/ldap/myaddr.ldif