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index inequality

I am looking into a way to improve inequality searches.

Been searching the archive and found this page that said openldap does not
support indexes for inequality filters.  Can anyone verify that this is
true and if its on the road map for any future releases?


Here is my goal:

I am currently running openldap 2.1.27.  I have a lot of searches that
will use <= or >= in it on attributes such as (my own definition).

  ( myAttr:22
  NAME 'network'
  DESC 'Long format of the Network IP'
  EQUALITY integerMatch
  ORDERING integerOrderingMatch

What I am doing is storing IP addresses in the directory by the proper
address instead of the dotted string.  Then I can do a search to find if
an IP is between a certain range of IPs such as

"(&(network>=16843008)(broadcast<=16843263))" or various other types of
searches such as that.

The searches are starting to take a little long and was wondering if
perhaps inequality indexes were possible or if anyone has any ideas on
another method to do something like this.  Perhaps use 2.2.x and the
proxy-cache to cache searches like this?  What do you all think?

Any advice is appreciated.

Dustin Doris