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Re: OpenLDAP & Back-LDBM: Backups to a tape drive.

--On Monday, June 28, 2004 9:46 AM +0200 Michael Lackner <michael.lackner@unileoben.ac.at> wrote:


We're currently using OpenLDAP with the ldbm database backend.
We're running a daily incremental backup as well as a weekly full
backup using a tape drive.

I would like to ask, which files (at which locations) need to be backupped
to enable me to do a full restore, if the server harddisks completely

The best solution would be to backup the whole server (binaries + data),
but the database files alone would be fine, since it should not be that
hard to set up a new OpenLDAP server. Size should not be an issue, since
we have about 10GB of room left on the full backup tapes.

Why not simply export the database to LDIF format via slapcat, and then back that up? Then all you have to do to restore is slapadd the LDIF file.


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