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Newbie in OpenLDAP Question

Newbie in OpenLDAP Question

I’m working on an application that amongst other things distribute video users presence on Directory servers. The application works fine with Sunone (Iplanet), NDS, Active dir and such.
Our clients are Win32, so I took your latest Openldap version and ported it to win32 following the suggested guidelines. It worked smoothly at first. 

My application puts all its entries under a simple tree ou=myorg,dc=mycompany, dc=com. It has a refresh mechanism of 15 minutes that deletes all the application entries from the directory server and inserts them again (something between 5-200 Entries of inetOrgPerson Class). 
Now after few days that the application is running the slapd suddenly stops working. Debug info shows - “System Error 12 (not enough space)”, the slapd fails to open the id2entry.bdb file when I run it. 

The call stack shows (just the Berkley api calls):
__db_open_pp Calls __db_open Calls __fop_file_setup  and there it fails on some MACRO called “GET_ENVLOCK” which causes the function to return 12.

An interesting issue is that the file the slapd is trying to open (id2entry.bdb file) doesn’t seem to be the faulty file. 
I have the following list of files in my DB directory:

And eight huge Log files 10megs each (I don’t know yet how they were created. Could they be related to the problem? How do I avoid creating them?). 

Once I replace __db.004 with an old __db.004 file (previous to my application adding and deleting the entries) the slapd works fine (id2entry.bdb file opens and I see all the entries and the directory tree).

I’m really stuck here. I’ll take any suggestions since I don’t know my way around the Berkley DB api.  My next step is to replace the DB but I really wish to avoid it. If anyone is willing I can send the faulty DB for a checkout.

Oren. S

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