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Replica not responding for openldap 2.1.22


One of our client is using openldap 2.1.22, compiled with sleepy
cat berkeley db 4.1.25 - patch 2, openssl 0.9.7 and cyrus-sasl
This is on Solaris 8 machine.

They have one master server and more than one replica server. At
some point of time one of the replica server stops responding and
to the ldapsearches, and queries, and also the update to replica
server fails.

The truss output only shows 
540/2:		 0.2852	time()						= 1088161821
540/2:		 0.2863	poll(0x47B4D2F8, 191, -1)			= 155
540/2:		 0.2865	time()						= 1088161821
540/2:		 0.2868	poll(0x47B90650, 191, -1)			= 155


The CPU usage shoots up to around 49%+.
This random problem happens only on replica server. 

The syslogging of the ldap replica server is disabled, as it
might reduce the performance on the server.

Has anyone found any similar problems? Would upgrading to 2.1.30
resolve this problem?

I would highly appreciate  any pointers I would get on this regards. 

Thanks in advance,

Ashish G