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Re: Multiple names for base dn?

John Borwick writes:
> database        ldap
> suffix          "o=WFU,c=US"
> uri             ldap://localhost
> suffixmassage   o=WFU,c=US      ou=Users,dc=wfu,dc=edu
> A word of warning, though: the LDAP backend is much slower than BDB, 
> creates twice the number of connections, and (at least for us) may be 
> causing our OpenLDAP 2.1.30 server to crash.
> For Linux, we had to increase __FD_SETSIZE in 
> /usr/include/bits/typesizes.h to twice the number of maximum expected 
> end-user connections.  Be sure to compile with "--enable-rewrite" and 
> "--enable-ldap".

Will the RWM overlay make this unnecessary when it becomes stable?
It's undocumented, so I haven't tried to figure it out yet.

BTW, we have a slightly different situation: We will keep the same
suffix (dc=uio,dc=no), but will rename some trees named OU=foo,<suffix>
to CN=foo,<suffix> (along with some other reorganization).  I hope that
won't rewrite search results back to the old DNs even for search
requests that use the new DNs (or cause searches based on dc=uio,dc=no
to search both the OU=* and the CN=* trees if I use RWM).  If so, both
could be fixed by putting the old suffixes in a separate NULL database
using RWM, except if I understand overlays correctly, RWM can't refer
operations to another database.