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RE: HEAD doesn't handle escaped characters properly?

> Thanks, I'll try reloading one in the next day or two and verify that this
> is just user error.
> Any idea when how soon these database-reload-requiring changes will make
> it into a point release?  Next version, or sometime later than that?  Just
> curious if I need to plan on reloading all of my databases the next time I
> upgrade (which I was planning on doing as soon as the paged results fixes
> get officially released)

The pagedResults fix is already in OPENLDAP_REL_ENG_2_2 (as
you may see from the ITS comment); check out that, if you don't
want to reload too much.  HEAD will probably become 2.3 except
for bug fixes backport (like this).

It is very rare, unless strictly necessary, that databases
need be reloaded within the same minor (being major.minor.bugfix
the number of the release).  However, it's very likely that
databases need be reloaded when the minor changes (not to mention
the major!).


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