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Re: FW: SSL/TLS slave does not update the master

> Hi there,
> I have a master, slave setup whereby the master and slave 
> accept non-encrypted connections on port 10389 and encrypted 
> connections of port 10636.
> My replication settings are :
> slapd.conf master (z18-0101.csfb.com):
> replica uri=ldaps://z18-0102.csfb.com:10636
> replogfile ../log/replog
> slapd.conf slave (z18-0102.csfb.com):
> updateref       ldaps://z18-0101.csfb.com:10636
> When I connect to the slave on the en
> crypted port 10636, changes made to the slave are propagated to the master
> When I connect to the slave on the non-encrypted port 10389, changes made to the 
> slave are NOT propagated to the master.


Do you mean that, using say ldapmodify, in the bad case you don't get a
referral to the master when trying to update the slave as you should
with a message like:

ldapmodify: update failed: uid=Administrateur,ou=people,dc=nofida,dc=ch
ldap_modify: Referral (10)

You should get that on both port.

Marcel de Riedmatten