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Re: what happend to labeledURI?

man, 21.06.2004 kl. 00.40 skrev Quanah Gibson-Mount:

> >> Still the question: Why does this happen to you and to no-one else? Have
> >> you any more machines on which it happens?
> >
> > I have no clue, yet, and although I have a few machines, only one host
> > runs with OpenLDAP-2.2.13.
> > I will dive into this tomorrow
> I just want to note, that I'm on OL 2.2.13, and we actively use and 
> populate labeledURI, so if it is commented out, that seems a little odd 
> that it would allow me to populate it. ;)

It's commented out because it's built into the binary. Why things are
done like that, I don't know ;) In early 2.1 versions, things weren't
done like that, all was in the schemas, I seem to remember.



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