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Re: what is the trick to get opendal to compile with sasl?

--On Saturday, June 19, 2004 2:23 AM -0700 John Woodell <woodie@worldpac.com> wrote:

Yes, sorry that was a typo. I installed and set 4.2 paths...

So now I downloaded these patches, but what do I type to patch DBD?

# pwd

# ls  -1

cd /usr/local/src/db-4.2.52 patch -p1 -b -z .orig < patches/lockfix

Also, as Tony noted, you need to make sure and have Cyrus-SASL2 installed, and you need to set your environment compile flags accordingly to point to the locations of both Cyrus-SASL2 and BDB 4.2.52.


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