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Re: caching magic

fre, 18.06.2004 kl. 08.04 skrev Howard Chu:


> >>No, that alone is not enough. If it were enough by itself, I would never 
> >>have added this code to back-bdb. You also need to set the DB_SYSTEM_MEM 
> >>flag when creating the environment, and this flag cannot be set in 
> >>DB_CONFIG. Using the shm_key keyword tells back-bdb the key *and* tells 
> >>it to set the flag when creating the environment.
> > Could you please indicate where setting DB_SYSTEM_MEM and any other
> > similar environment parameters is documented? Wish to read up on it :)
> This is not a user-settable flag, it's part of the back-bdb code that 
> invokes the BDB library. Go ahead and read up on DB_ENV->open for the 
> details, but it is irrelevant if you're not writing actual C code. While 
> this overall email thread may be relevant for OpenLDAP users, this 
> particular keyword is not.

Thanks, Howard and Quanah :)



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