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Re: openldap-2.2.13 indexes

On Wed, 16 Jun 2004, Janis Pinkis wrote:

> Hi!
> I have just started to play with 2.2 and bdb backed (so far i was using 2.1 with
> ldbm). My question is about bdb cache size. In post and faq's i have found out
> that index files must be in hash format and the id2entry and dn2id in btree
> format. But acording mu db_stat all my index files are in btree format. Am i
> doing something wrong?

Indexes were changed from hash to btree around OpenLDAP 2.2.6,
I think. Someone (Darin Broady?) posted a pragma for changing it
back to hash some time ago. Search the archives if you need to do
that for some reason.

Kirk Turner-Rustin
Libraries and Information Services
Ohio Wesleyan University