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Re: substring search problem

Let me add that the search you want to perorm looks flawed to me: having a
DN valued attribute implies the notion of membership, or strong tie;
performing a substring search on a strong tie is flawed, since all that
search can return is the entry a value is listed in.

The opposite definitely makes sense; e.g. if your directory enforces the
notion of "memberOf", i.e. members of a group have a link to the group in
their attributes, a substring search makes sense, i.e. you would build a
filter like


and you yould obtain a set of entries with exact membership.  Otherwise,
if all you need is find what agencies actually have employees, you can use


"nearly" membership, i.e. using a substring on a unique key like a DN,
sounds meaningless.


> Hello I want to do a search in a multi valued attribute in that base:
> ou=agence
> objectclass:agency
> o=Lille
> employes: uid=dupont,ou=employes,dc=xxx
>                 uid=dmessner,ou=employes,dc=xxx
>                 uid=durant,ou=employes,dc=xxx
>                 uid=henri,ou=employes,dc=xxx
> objectclass:agency
> o=Marseille
> employes: uid=richard,ou=employes,dc=xxx
>                 uid=paul,ou=employes,dc=xxx
>                 uid=jack,ou=employes,dc=xxx
>                 uid=pierre,ou=employes,dc=xxx
> I want to search the object with
> (&(objectclass=agency)(employes="uid=dmessner*") and I don't know why it
> doesn't work
> It works with (&(objectclass=agency)(o=L*)) but I don't want to find an
> agency by its name but by the employee into it.
> Is it a matching rule problem?
> The equality for employes is distinguishedNameMatch, is it correct for
> substring search?

Pierangelo Masarati

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