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Re: Ang. RE: Bdb defaults - WAS: problem importing entries.

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Frank Hoffsummer wrote:
| I think Dan has very valid points here
| I never understood why the openldap developers shy away from providing
| sensible defaults or example configurations
| Sometimes that attitude can appear like a form of technical arrogance,
| popular reasons quoted for their approach seem to be
| - RTFM,  things are documented somewhere, you just need to read it all
| - defaults would not reduce traffic on the list
| - we cannot cover all te possible systems and uses of openldap anyway
| - a false sense of security and accomplishment for beginners would be
| created that would in the long run cause more problems for everyone
| - etc.etc
- -lack of time to write documentation and/or people contributing
docuentation ?

| well as far as I am concerned reasonable defaults (and a few working
| examples) would NOT discurage me from reading the documentation
| It would rather flatten the learning curve a bit by leading beginners
to a
| working (example) setup faster.
| Apart from beeing so incouraged to continue openldap discovery
(instead of
| beeing turned away by common traps that many beginners seem to fall
| beginners then would also know better where to look in the documentation
| to continue to tune/adapt the (already working) openldap system to their
| needs
| Mind you, for a beginner it is not only the question _how_ to tune a
| parameter, but often also _which_ parameter to begin with. Reasonable
| defaults and example configurations could act as great pointers to the
| documentation to continue the openldap learning process (with positive
| feedback instead of negative)

Note that this kind of thing is often what OS distributors do for the
software they ship (and not necessarily the software development team).

| We should ask quanah to publish the (non-stanford) traffic figures on his
| excellent openldap documentation site.  These would likely strengthen my
| point
| Am I running my system like stanford does? NO. Did quanahs documentation
| teach me a lot about openldap that I couldn't learn myself (in reasonable
| time) from the docs? YES
| There _is_ a need for sensible defaults and working examples, and I only
| see benefits for developing and publishing these.

Well, some distributions do that ...

(probably needs some more work to have saner defaults for smallish
installations and commented entries targeted for bigger installations).

along with providing some tools to make living with bdb a bit easier:

(I have quite a big update on these pending - being tested in
pre-production on RHEL2.1 first though)


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