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RE: subSchemaSubEntry support

I'm new to OpenLDAP and this is not working for me...
Here is the output I get :

C:\Program Files\RTE\RTELDAP>ldapsearch -b cn=subschema -s base subschemasubentry
entry is = [C:\Program Files\Sun\MPS\lib\sasl]
Unable to dlopen C:\Program Files\Sun\MPS\lib\sasl: 126
ldap_sasl_interactive_bind_s: No such attribute

I'm running OpenLDAP on Windows. It's talking about Sun ?! 

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Objet : Re: subSchemaSubEntry support

"Olivier MATROT" <olivier.matrot@rte.fr> writes:

> Hello,
> In accordance with the Request for Comments (RFC) 2251, LDAP version 3 
> servers are expected to expose a subSchemaSubEntry attribute off the 
> root of the directory service enterprise (the rootDSE).
> Is it true for OpenLDAP ?

Yes. Try
ldapsearch -b cn=subschema -s base subschemasubentry ldapsearch -b cn=subschema -s base objectclass=subschema +


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