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Bdb defaults - WAS: problem importing entries.

This (and many other recent threads) leads me to ask the question, why doesn't openldap provide more reasonable defaults for bdb, if no DB_CONFIG file is present?

Telling beginners to openldap that in order to use our software, you need to go out and read (and more importantly understand) all the nuisances of BDB is overwhelming, and I think unnecessary.
Openldap should start up with reasonable values for average use cases, if no other config info is provided.

Going out and learning all of the details of Berkeley is something that should be reserved for those that want to tweak openldap for maximum performance in their environment - it shouldn't be required for basic use.

It seems like every time someone posts a suggestion here for a bdb setting, an expert tells them that it is a bad idea.  And that they need to go read the manual.

Why don't the experts just set some defaults (instead of relying on Berkeley's defaults) and then post a couple of different examples of tweaking options - one for very large datasets, one for bulk loads, etc.