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"slapcat -b" and subordinate database: dumps everything


I have two databases in slapd.conf:

database bdb
suffix  "ou=global,o=company,c=br"

database        bdb
suffix          "o=company,c=br"

"slapcat -b ou=global,o=company,c=br" correctly dumps this branch of
the directory.

"slapcat -b o=company,c=br", however, dumps everything, including the
"ou=global,o=company,c=br" branch which lies on another database. I
suppose this is due to the "subordinate" configuration I'm using to
glue the two databases together. I was just wondering if this is
the expected behaviour regarding slapcat, since the slapd.conf man
page states that:

single namingContext should have identical rootdns.  Behavior of
other   LDAP  operations  is  unaffected  by  this  setting.  In

I note that slapcat is not an LDAP operation, however. Still, it
caught me by surprise, I was under the impression that slapcat was
lowlevel enough to dump only the database I was asking. More like
a conversion utility from DB to ldif.