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Re: lookups on multivalued field fails

> Did you recently change any index settings (specifically the
> mailAlternateAddress)? If so, did you slapindex afterwards? This is
> quite important ... (as far as I understand, if you have an index set,
> openldap will only search the index - since it would be useless
> performance wise on negatives to search the entire db - and if you
> haven't got up-to-date indexes, such as if you haven't been indexing the
> attribute before, searches on the attribute *will* fail).

You know, I was thinking along the same lines that maybe the indexes did
not get created correctly.  When I look at the directory, the .ddf file
does seem a little on the small size, but is the same size as other
attbributes indexing the same limited number of entries, and the other
fields work.  I reissued another slapindex command, and got the same
results.  Quanah suggested that I run with debbuging turned on, with I
will need to try tonight as production hours are just now starting.  Maybe
I will have more information then.