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Re: 8 hours tests ends with inconsistent DB.

On 12 Jun 2004, at 07:48, Trevor Warren wrote:
  But even for such a solution catering to 50million
users i should be able to understand the max any
indivizual system can scale to in its own capacity.
Having 50 servers towards serving 50 million customers
if the response times/workload is high will kill the
Enterprise in recurring capital costs towards
maintaining the infrastructure.

I certainly see your point, above, but I don't think you're going to get much of an idea of scaling using the approach you're using. As I understand your method, you're trying to put a server up and hammer it without knowing much about configuring it. I don't think this tells you anything about scale. This *might* tell you something about how easy it is to give the application to someone who doesn't know anything. The test you're performing might be appropriate if you're hoping to repackage and distribute OpenLDAP to 50 million customers.

As I understand your *actual* need, you're planning to deploy an infrastructure of some size to serve 50 million customers. This is a much different task. In order to do this successfully, you will need to know how many machines to deploy. You'll need to know how to operate OpenLDAP, including how to configure it. In order to know that, you'll need to know what the real read & write load is likely to be, average & peak.