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Re: slurpd replication, "entryCSN: no user modification allowed"

>>The master is openldap-2.1.30 on FreeBSD4.9, the slave is >>openldap-2.1.22 on RH-7.3.

BTW, 2.1.22 sucked as a replica (in my experience).



thanks for all the advice trying to fix this. In the end I swapped the machines around, so the 2.1.30 is now the slave and 2.1.22 is the master, and simply copied and pasted the relevant parts of slapd between the them. updatedn I left as root. Lo and behold, slurpd replication works flawlessly.

Just to reiterate, even though the config was fine on both machines, 2.1.30 could not replicate to 2.1.22, yielding a wide range of errors.

Thanks again,