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8 hours tests ends with inconsistent DB.


 Here are the results of the 8 hour tests.
Unfortunartely there is both good and bad news.

Vusers: 200WTT  
0.023s(Resp Time)      
38(Max Writes/s)  
23(Avg Writes/s)
Test duration: 8hours 
Ran on:  09/06/2004
Setup: OpenLDAP 2.2.12 and Back-bdb 4.2.52 with all

 The test performed escellently all through the 8
hours since my results are pretty much uniform. Post
completion of the test there was OpenLDAP died with
the following message:

"[root@blade2 openldap]# ../../libexec/slapd -d0
slapd: ch_malloc.c:122: ch_calloc: Assertion `0'
slapd: ch_malloc.c:122: ch_calloc: Assertion `0'
  Same error messages like before. DB inconsistent
again. I havethe following suspicisions. The SUT is
housed on a 1GB ram machine. Tremendous amount of
swapping happens for Zero Think time tests.....but for
this test with Think Time tests progressed fine and
swapping was minimal. 
  Post completion of any of these test especially
those with 20+ users and Zero Think Time when post the
test i try to kill the server with a ctrl+c it just
won't terminate in an orderly fasion.

 This really irks me. With a 300Mb DB_Cache i suspect
it not being able to sync data to disc and going for a
toss post completion of test on my hardware. This
*could* be attributed to major mem swapping by kswapd.

 What say???.


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