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Re: Using the MS ADSI OLE DB Provider to search OpenLDAP in C++

At 07:16 AM 6/9/2004, Olivier MATROT wrote:
>I'm having trouble with the ADSDSOObject OLE DB Provider to search an
>OpenLDAP directory.

I suggest you use ldapsearch(1) to learn how to LDAP search
an OpenLDAP directory and then translate your experience their
to ADSI to do a like LDAP search.  While this list might be
able to help explain the LDAP operations ldapsearch(1)
is doing, questions about how to use ADSI to perform these
operations should be taken to an ADSI forum.  And, of course,
for any general LDAP questions you might have, please use
a general LDAP list such as <ldap@umich.edu>.