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Replication Question


Just to get sure that I didn't missed something... Am I right that the default time
slurpd replicates entry's from the replication log is 3 seconds? I think there
is a version in the 2.2 tree where Kurt implemented a patch to adjust the
replication time.
But is there a possibility to do real time replication? For example with Apache
Tomcat 5 and synchronized clustering enabled it is guaranteed that the other
Tomcat nodes receives the changed session before the request returns to the
client. So the next request could go to any Tomcat instance because every
node has the same session information. Of course is this a little bit slower
than with asyncron replication but the benefits are really valuable.
Is there a possibilty to have one OpenLDAP server where all modifications
will be done but these modifications will be replicated immediately (real
time) to another server so that for example the next search request could
find this modifications in the slave server?