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Re: New to OpenLDAP, having install issues

At 10:46 AM 6/8/2004, Ben Bargabus wrote:
>I'm a programmer that is creating an application using some LDAP client
>functionality.  I'm hoping to use OpenLDAP's libraries to do that.  The
>problem I have is that I'm developing on a system that I don't have root
>access to so I can't just run the canned install routine.

You can run 'make install' as any user which has permission
to write to the target install directories.  You can
install OpenLDAP in your user directory if you like...

        ./configure --prefix=$HOME/openldap ...
        make install

>Is it possible to get just the libraries somewhere?

There are a number of 3rd party packagers who might provide
such... see the FAQ.