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Re: How should one make his own schema additions to the openldap sche ma to suite ones own requirement ?????

OpenLDAP schema utilizes standardized schema representations
(e.g., RFC 2252 schema descriptions).  The admin guide
give some basics information on how to configure OpenLDAP
with custom schema.

Beyond that, your questions regarding schema design are
not specific to OpenLDAP Software.  I suggest you take
your questions to a general LDAP forum such as


At 01:39 AM 6/7/2004, Vikas Gandhi wrote:
>Hi All
>   I want to add a new information in my openldap schema. Following is the structure.
>            Product A
>            Product B
>            Product C
>Product D
>Product E
>Where Product A can have the following attributes
>            Product A
>                        Bool IsAuthorized Mandatory (Compulsary)
>                        LevelOfAuthorization ????
>Where and How should I put this stuff ???? Can someone guide me on this. 
>Also how can I generate uniquie id for these.
>Good is someone can guide me on how should one make his own schema additions.