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Re: need suggestion on indexing big directory...amazing results with db_mem_Cache

Hello All,

 While on this same thread it may be worthwile for you
to know the results i obtained with DB_Config memory

  I need an ldap solution for about 30million of our
customers. To begin with i started out with a 1Lakh
test. Without a DB_Config in write tests i obtained
about 15-20writes/sec. The load time for slapadd was

  Now with a DB_CONFIG and 200MB of memory cache it
comes to about 180-200 Writes/sec and the load time
for 1Lakh records is now 1Min 18secs.

 Pretty amazing eh...:D, but still openldap is very
quirky and unstable with miniscule write loads.
Atleast till now this is what i have learnt. Will keep
posting the results as obtained based on f/b from this


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