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Re: scaling openldap for performance

--On Friday, June 04, 2004 8:59 PM -0700 Trevor Warren <trevorwarren@yahoo.com> wrote:

Morning Gibson,

My name is Quanah, not Gibson.

--- Quanah Gibson-Mount <quanah@stanford.edu> wrote:
What version of OpenLDAP are you using?

 The latest, 2.2.11.

What database backend are you using?

 back-bdb. Do you suggest any other method for scaling
to 30million users with significant updates/sec.

What version of the database backend are you using?

 berkeley 4.2.52

Does it have all
applicable patches?

 There just seem to be 2 patches available for the
same wrt:

 > Long running apps hanging
 > Replication locks.

 Our test scenario goes for a toss wrt 20 users  in a
15mins test. Now would you call that long??.

No I wouldn't call that long. Are you using a multiprocessor master? There was a bug in 2.2.11 that would cause slurpd to lock up on multiprocessor machines.

Is your database backend configured via its
configuration mechanisms?

 Neh...am gonna be looking at that too. You have any
pointers on where to start reading up please?.

I hardly expect any system that has not properly configured the BDB backend to work very well. It's about as useful as trying to run an OS without installing any RAM.

I suggest you read the slapd.conf manpage about:


<http://www.stanford.edu/services/directory/openldap/configuration/slapd-conf-replica.html> has some more information on those, and:

<http://www.stanford.edu/services/directory/openldap/configuration/bdb-config.html> about configuring the DB_CONFIG file.

I also suggest reading:



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