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Re: scaling openldap for performance

Hello Dave Dave,
 Thanks for writing in.

--- Dave Lewney <D.M.Lewney@sussex.ac.uk> wrote:
> If you are using the BDB backend then apparently
> there are problems with 
> using this on a SAN. I seem to remember this being
> discussed on this list 
> fairly recently.

  WRT to the SAN as i agree with comments from others
i have noticed the read io/s and write io/s to not be
as great as an intenal SCSI/RAID system but great
enough to give us excellent results with Sytem
Architectures built using Oracle 9ir4 and DB2 8i.

  We push the app scenarion to the max and hence i can
say with conviction that these results sure talk about
above average performance for the SAN.
  Thus if everything else works....any reason why
openldap bdb shouldnt????. Any pointers to workarounds
and i will have the tests repeated with the same.

  Thanks in advance and take care.


> Dave
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