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Re: scaling openldap for performance

Trevor Warren wrote:
Hey there Fellas,

  Having tread through the archives for a long time i
have concluded with some load/performance tests.

 Openldap scales *wonderfully* with respect to read
performance. Towards testing the same for write
performance i performed the following:

With Zero think time we hit openldap with 20

simultaenous users. The db has 1million records. 5 mins thro the test i have a seg fault. I try restarting the same but the server refuses to re-read the db unless i re-create the same. Find this very strange. Can i avoid this In-consistency????

Me brought this DB size to 100 Addressbook records

and pounded the server with 20users and Zero think time. Still server crashes.

Brought the users to 10 users and 100 records.

Bombarding the server with Zero think time. It now survives and pulls through the test.

 HW Arch is : HP BLade20p, 2 CPU, 1GB RAM, RHEL AS2.1,
RAID 0+1 on a SAN.

Am quite confused to be true. Logging is disabled
cause we found its over head is simply too much and
hinders response times.

Lemme know of any runtime/compile time options
towards boosting performance please. Thanks in

If you are using the BDB backend then apparently there are problems with using this on a SAN. I seem to remember this being discussed on this list fairly recently.

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