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smbpasswd Can't find liblber.so.2


The smbpasswd -w myldappasswd is failed with the error:

./smbpasswd -w myldappassword
/libexec/ld-elf.so.1: Shared object "liblber.so.2" not found

I m currentling running Openldap 2.2.11 with samba 3.0.4.
OS is freebsd 5.2.1.

The command find / -name "liblber.so*" only returned file liblber.so:

root@fbsd [3:07pm] [...source/bin]# find / -name "liblber.so*"

root@fbsd [3:10pm] [...source/bin]#

there is no liblber.so.2 in the system. How can I configure samba do not look for the so.2 file?