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Replication problem just with particular attribute...

Hi List;

I've question: Do anybody faced problem that if record is modified on
master OpenLDAP sever and particular attribute is deleted this change
isn't reflected in replicas?

We're using OpenLDAP version 2.0.27 master is holding abou 700k records
of portal and GSM users. Users can modify some attributes over web or
wap interfaces. For example they can activate mail forwarding or
deactivate it if they wish.

Sometimes values for mailForwardingAddress is deleted from LDAP master
server and it isn't replicated to replicas. It have record in slurpd
replog file but replication doesn't work.

By this we've discrepancies in the directories and therefore problems.
This problem is happening only with this attribute and not all times. If
anybody have any hints of faced same problem let me know I'll supply
details and answer questions.


Marian Stepka mailto:mstepka@orangemail.sk