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OpenLDAP rewrite Engine

Hey guys, 

I'm new to the list but not new to OpenLDAP. 

I have got the following problem. I've got one program that 
searches for specific email addresses the search looks like. 


The main problem that i have, is to get out the wildcards. 
I decided to setup an OpenLDAP proxy with dc=foo,dc=org 
Which points back to the suffix dc=foo,dc=bar. 

My setup looks like this: 

database        ldap 
suffix              "dc=foo,dc=com" 
lastmod         off 
uri                  "ldap://"; 
rewriteEngine   on 
rewriteContext  searchBase 
rewriteRule     "(.*)dc=foo,dc=com" "%1dc=foo,dc=bar" ":" 
rewriteContext  searchFilter 
rewriteRule     ???? 

So far it is working. But could anyone of you guys tell me how 
I can get out the wildcards with a rewriteRule? 

Your help is realy appreciated, as I'm running out of time. 


Martin Walter