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Re: slapd - segmentation fault

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Tony Earnshaw wrote:
| tir, 25.05.2004 kl. 22.09 skrev Quanah Gibson-Mount:
|>>I'm having an issue with my slapd process segmentation faulting.  I'm
|>>currently running openldap 2.1.22 with Berkely Database version 4.1.25 on
|>>Linux AS 2.1.  I am using the ldbm database.  The problem I'm seeing is
|>>on consumers only and seems to occur whenever a large amount of changes
|>>are being replicated to it from a supplier.  This occurs on multiple
|>>consumers, but the point at which it segmentation faults is not
|>>consistent.  I ran a couple of the servers with debug on and I am
|>>enclosing the information that I was able to capture.  Any help would be
|>2.1.22 is particularly old and was a particularly buggy release.  I
|>suggest upgrading to the lastest "stable" version (2.1.30) and seeing if
|>the problem persists.
| The problem would be, that OP probably wants to stick to RedHat's
| offering or at least rpms, and RH doesn't offer anything else.
| I was looking at Buchan Milne's Mandrake Openldap offering and that's
| fantastic compared to RedHat's. Mandrake rpms mostly work fine on RedHat
| - perhaps that's an alternative? OP should be aware that he should take
| the BDB 4.2.52 as an obligatory part of any upgrade to 2.1.30.

I might actually be able to supply binaries for RHEL2.1AS (most of the
stuff I added recently in the Mandrake packages was initially done on
RHEL2.1AS - and I still need to update some things in the Mandrake
packages to reflect what's going into production here ...), but I would
have to check with some people first ...


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