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Using OpenLDAP schema syntax rules in web form validation

I recently discovered a problem in one of the forms on my site that collects
customer information.

The validation regexps that I have do not match the LDAP schema rules
exactly, so it's possible that a user could submit a phone number, for
example, that passes my validation regexp but then throws a syntax violation
in the ldap_add operation.

Obviously, I could just resolve the difference by fixing my regexp, but
before I do that, I was wondering if anyone knows of a way to use LDAP's
syntax rules (wherever that code is) to validate form input (in a neat, tidy
way). The error that comes from ldap_add in this operation is pretty
non-specific, ie I don't get told which field is causing the error, just
that the whole operation has failed because of a syntax violation.

I'm using PHP, and I don't see anything like this in the documentation.

Any ideas would be appreciated.


Erik Mitchell

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