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Re: Re : Single signe on for windows client using Open LDAP


Yes i wish to migrate desktop as well ( where majority is MS Windows)
group office which is a open source also uses OPEN LDAP as i read on the web.

My aim is to have an Open LDAP server to have single sign on ( to the Donain)
where users will be automatically have their permission to the services which
they are entitled.
With this i hope to authenticate squid as well. At the moment i use /etc/shadow
to authenticate squid and where my mail is on sendmail with squirrel mail.
probably i hope to have a group wear solution (group- offfice /Kolab).
I know this can be done with linux desktop.
But in my case my desktops are MS window.

Any good documents are mostly well come.


At 04:04 PM 5/21/2004, Buchan Milne wrote:
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Chanaka De mel wrote:
| Hi all
| I am new to open ldap ( to LDAP in general).
| I have planned to have a open LDAP server for
| single sign on for windows clients on Linux.

Do you mean desktop authentication too?

| As I have read on the  web squid proxy

Yes, squid has an authenticator for LDAP that works with OpenLDAP.

| and also some other Open source
| calendering SW running on linux could be authenticated using this.

Kolab is a groupware server that uses OpenLDAP for authentication, but
it doesn't quite play nicely with other setups yet.

| In general i wish to create a Active Dirctory similar thing using Open
| which will authenticate windows clients in a domain for specific services.
| Advice and any links to Documentation to do this is mostle appreciated.

You may want to look at the articles at mandrakesecure.net. They are
getting a bit outdated, but most content is still relevant.


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